Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Favorite Past-time/ Embroidery

When I first started crafting and creating back when I was in elementary school, I was really into making friendship bracelets from floss. I would sell them to friends for 25 cents a color. Watching my aunt in Greece embroider tablecloths with floss got me wanting to make my OWN tablecloths. So my mom bought me a kit with a design that had X's on them that I just had to embroider over. I don't even remember what the design was, but i was so proud of that tablecloth, I'm sure I still have it in my closet in Seattle. I had this box with a hundred or so colors of floss. I still have it, but I've filled it now with more beads than anything else. Which brings me to finding these images on Pinterest the other day that inspired me to start embroidering again. I would love to incorporate embroidery on my little girl dresses. I love embroidery on clothes. That attention to detail is what really makes a garment pop! Here is a little eye candy for you.

Yes, this is what my box looked like. I took it everywhere. Vacations, relative's houses, you name it.

         Wow. So many different variations of embroidery. Click here for more details.

Sorry, but no link on this one, don't you hate it when that happens to you on Pinterest?!

                                                                        This skirt  <<via>>

                                                                      <no link>

                                              An idea for a hoop art design <<via>> Etsy

                  Who knew they sold such cute clothes at Toys "R" Us? (this dress is sold out)

                                           From a cute online shop that sells children clothes.

                                     Couldn't find a link for this one. I love the bright colors.

Clicking this image brought me to THIS site, but I'm not sure where on the blog it
 mentions this calendar, I will have to go back and search.

So there you have it! A little take on embroidery. Are YOU inspired?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Village Walkthrough- Konteika

A couple weeks ago I visited the village of Konteika which is about 7 kilometers southwest of Karlovasi. It took it's name earlier in the 18th century from the first settler Konstantinos Kondos, who came from the neighboring village of Platanos. From here you can see the village of Ydroussa and the sea. There are about 300 occupants who live here year round.
You can't make this stuff up.

Konteika from afar.

love the colors!

The impressive church of the Virgin Mary.

the plateia

This "open house" is used during the summers as an outdoor cinema with free movies for children and adults, and also some plays go on here as well!

I think my first reaction to seeing this church was "WOW!"

A panoramic side view of Konteika.

The school

An old torn down house. I always wonder the history of the people living in these houses.

Probably what the view looked like a while ago. I had a little fun with photoshop!

 Kondeika as seen from the opposite mountain of Karvouni. This photo was taken by the fabulous photographer
 Nikos Chatziiakovou.
On a back road leaving Konteika. There is literally a cliff right next to me.
So there you have it, a little tour of Konteika. Check out these other villages I've posted about.... Manolates, Vourliotes , Paleokastro, Stavrinides.

........................................NEXT STOP on this gravy train....Lekka!
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