Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Trip to Turkey

My brother is in Samos visiting for a couple of weeks. I thought maybe on my day off we could visit Kusadasi, Turkey. It's only an hour and a half boat trip away, PLUS they have a Starbucks. So on Sunday we visited the city and it's bazaar for shopping! But I think my most favorite store of all wasn't a bazaar type store at all. It's called Mudo, and it's in the harbor area. There are clothes for women and men on the bottom floor, and stuff for your house on the top floor. This style of decorating is right up my alley. Cool earth tones and funky items!
The outside of Mudo
Love this chaise and the pillows!
Doesn't this look comfy?
love bamboo!
Fish pillows! Kinda like the ones I've made for Makis. They are soo cute!
I want a beach house like this please!
Must be a nautical beach theme this year in style. I love these fish!
So anyhoo, I'm hoping, (fingers crossed) I get another opportunity to visit Turkey this summer again! But this time, I'll save some money for shopping at THIS store!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Show and Tell

I like decorating creatively. My garage needed some color. So I started collecting American license plates and thought they would look cute on the wall. We haven't done the other wall yet, but will soon! 

Woops. One is crooked! Vasili did this wall. I'm going to have to do the other!

We still have tons of plates left, so once we move Vasili's car out of the way, I'll have another project to get busy with! I was thinking of painting the wall first a bright blue, but I'm a little scared it might come out tacky. I feel safe with the white color. What do you think?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Painted Rocks/Decoupage- Tutorial

A while back, a friend of mine told me of a way to "paint" rocks with napkins. They make for a cute decoration in your home or office! So I finally decided to try it for myself. I wasn't sure what glue to buy from the bookstore (you see, we don't have craft stores here) so I thought maybe my Mod Podge, from another project of mine that didn't work out so well, might do the trick. It worked perfectly! To be honest I was a little bummed that I brought the "MP" all the way from the States only to see that it looks just like Elmer's Glue but costs $7.00! I'm not sure if it has the same glueing power as Elmer's, but it's magic, and I'm stuck!  So here is my tutorial on "painted" rocks....

        You'll need: Mod Podge(mine is matte), scissors, paintbrush, and  napkins with a cute print

Cut out desired print. My napkins have a "coffee" theme. How appropriate since I work in the bar at the hotel!

I cut a piece too big for my rock. Cut again.

Much better.
Start by applying a thin layer to your rock with the Mod Podge.

Immediately lay on the napkin and spread another layer on top.

Let dry. I lay mine out in direct sunlight and they were dry in less than 10 minutes.

Make more. Arrange in pretty vase or whatever else you may have handy for display.
 See how cute they are?

Thank you for making these pretty "painted" rocks with me!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wake me Up When Summer Comes

Just when I thought I could put away these.......

This happens........

It's the middle of May, and summer weather seems nowhere in sight! I am freezing! My house is cold! Guests are complaining to me about the weather. We are still sleeping with blankets and comforters. I turned the heat on in my car today! BRRRRR!!!!
Who knows, next week we might have a heat wave. It might snow. (hope not!) The weather is unpredictable these days! Blame it on global warming? Maybe!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kalidon Hotels

I started work at the hotel last week. Or should I say I started my "Summer Holiday?" I mean, really. With views like these, can you really call it "work?"

This is my eighth year and I NEVER tire of this view. It is AMAZING!

Front of the Kalidon and our shuttle bus

This is my station, the bar!

Backside of hotel, garden/village view

Our Lounge/Sitting area

the restaurant

Our lemon tree

Garden Chess

can you say "coffee time?!"

I took this picture at about 7AM one morning. The cloud closely resembles the outline shape of Samos Island!
Fore more information on the hotel, or if you would like to book your holiday at the Kalidon, click here
So there you have it...a little taste of what keeps me busy during the summer. I am spoiled, I know!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Things

Hello! I'm a little bored right now, nothing much to talk about. I'll be going back to work this week. It was a long and very good winter, I can't complain, but summer is right around the corner and the tourist season is upon us, so off to work I go! I have a million things to do before then, but there's always tomorrow, right? I hope so. Here are some photos I took from around the homestead this week.

What's on my mantle right now. I love fresh flowers in my house. I pick them from the side of the road by my house. Pineapple cutting board from our trip to Hawaii in March. And some random pictures of Makis of course!

Makis in front of his gi-normous bookcase/wardrobe closet. I'll blog about his room soon.

"show me your teeth Makis!" he never disappoints!
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