Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Olive Oil Hand Scrub Tutorial

We're kinda limited on the island to a lot of stuff we take for granted in the States. So you have to get creative. A friend of mine made me a hand scrub last year, and I completely fell in love. We do have hand creams, scrubs, washes, shampoos, and so forth available to buy from the pharmacies, but these ingredients you can find in your own kitchen, so why not make it yourself? PLUS, I have a ton of olive oil my family has from all our olive trees. I've picked my fair share of olives from the ground, trust me!  This scrub will leave your hands smooth and smelling wonderful. So here is my tutorial on olive oil hand scrub....

You'll need...sugar, olive oil, bowl, teaspoon, different herbs you can find in your kitchen such as oregano, kimino (don't know if there's another word for it) lavender, and scented oil if desired.

Measure out about 5 teaspoons of sugar into the bowl. You can add more later if needed.

Start slowly pouring in the olive oil. Don't saturate the sugar with oil, the mixture should be a little lumpy.

Add the herbs. I had some fresh oregano handy and the kimino from a bottle. Mix well.

Your hand scrub is complete! Wasn't that fast and easy? I transferred the concoction to a white plate so you can see better the texture and color. 

I have my scrub in a cute container in my bathroom with a spoon handy. I just spoon it out, rub between my hands for a few seconds, and rinse! Your hands will feel soft and love you for it!

Thank you for following my hand scrub tutorial. I hope you try it for yourself and enjoy! :)


  1. Looks great. Must try it. Kimino is cumin, btw x

  2. Ooh, just 5 ingredients including the tsp (lol), I will definitely try this out. Playing with papers everyday leaving my hand so dry, this is what I had been looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Cath- "kimino" is the Greek way to say it, haha!! :) @MrSnuffle-if you see it dry out, add more oil!

  4. I got inspired by you and made it myself. I posted the tutorial on my blog too... will you check it?


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