Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Hot Spot for Summer

There's a new place Vasili, Makis, and I have started to frequent lately. It's this place called Navagos, in Tsamadou Beach. To be honest, I don't really get why it's so popular because the trek to and from the beach are treacherous, there are a lot of rocks on the beach (no sand here!), and it's just like any other beach. But Vasili loves it, and once we are there, you can't help but like it too!
the trek down
We usually arrive late so it's quiet, and not crowdy!
They have a grassy area you can lounge on!
Comfy bed! Though I've never seen anyone lay down on it.
Makis gearing up to kick a soccer ball with Vasili.
So other than the tiring walk to and from, this beach is OK! Did I mention you can order coffee and other drinks from your lounge chair? Pretty sweet!  :)

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