Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kalidon Hotels

I started work at the hotel last week. Or should I say I started my "Summer Holiday?" I mean, really. With views like these, can you really call it "work?"

This is my eighth year and I NEVER tire of this view. It is AMAZING!

Front of the Kalidon and our shuttle bus

This is my station, the bar!

Backside of hotel, garden/village view

Our Lounge/Sitting area

the restaurant

Our lemon tree

Garden Chess

can you say "coffee time?!"

I took this picture at about 7AM one morning. The cloud closely resembles the outline shape of Samos Island!
Fore more information on the hotel, or if you would like to book your holiday at the Kalidon, click here
So there you have it...a little taste of what keeps me busy during the summer. I am spoiled, I know!

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