Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Trip to Turkey

My brother is in Samos visiting for a couple of weeks. I thought maybe on my day off we could visit Kusadasi, Turkey. It's only an hour and a half boat trip away, PLUS they have a Starbucks. So on Sunday we visited the city and it's bazaar for shopping! But I think my most favorite store of all wasn't a bazaar type store at all. It's called Mudo, and it's in the harbor area. There are clothes for women and men on the bottom floor, and stuff for your house on the top floor. This style of decorating is right up my alley. Cool earth tones and funky items!
The outside of Mudo
Love this chaise and the pillows!
Doesn't this look comfy?
love bamboo!
Fish pillows! Kinda like the ones I've made for Makis. They are soo cute!
I want a beach house like this please!
Must be a nautical beach theme this year in style. I love these fish!
So anyhoo, I'm hoping, (fingers crossed) I get another opportunity to visit Turkey this summer again! But this time, I'll save some money for shopping at THIS store!!!

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