Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drive By Shooting

I've done it again! Actually, I do it all the time. I am obsessed! I mean, do these people realize how awesome their houses are?
In Samos Town, this house could really have some potential, but it's not cared for!
Love the balcony and the double door entryway. I KNOW people live here, but this house could really use some TLC, and a good paint job.
This house is right on a busy street. Because it looks deserted I doubt people even give it a second glance. But I do!!!
Another mega-mansion, Samos style! Don't care for the blue trim, but I love the windows! They have sea-view!
This house is right next door, and it was used as some kind of military office. Looks deserted, what a shame!
Side view. Must be huge inside!
The house next door to the previous picture. Not sure about the design of the staircase, but I love the concept!

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