Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday Show and Tell

These last couple of days I've been busy! I made 5 dresses for Maria for when she's a year old. And while that's not for another 10 months, I couldn't resist! I have tons of fabrics, and a lot of time on my hands when Makis goes to daycare. I am by no means a professional sewer, but I've been thinking these dresses would be really fun to make for my Etsy shop, and they'd be really affordable. I love how they turned out.....
The one on the left is made from a beautiful vintage retro fabric which I have a lot of and am going to make a shirt from for myself! (That will be a first!) The middle one is made from a leftover fabric a friend who works in an upholstery shop gave me last week. I had some satin of my own and thought they looked pretty together. It's my favorite dress of them all. The dress on the right is made from an old twin sheet. I added side pockets with lace detail, and because I free cut the neckline, I'll have to try it on a girl to see if it actually fits! woops.
Dress on the left is made from a light linen and has a ruffle down the middle. One of my favorite fabrics is this red one, actually. And the dress on the right, you can't tell because the picture was taken so far away, has tiny little hearts all over it, so I made 2 heart pockets and added them to the front. My camera died afer this picture. Sorry for no close-ups!
People are always asking me how I manage to find the time to make so many things when I have a baby. Well here's my secret....I have her next to me when I'm sewing, literally on the kitchen table where I sew. And I drink lots of coffee to wake me up and keep me going!


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