Sunday, March 18, 2012

Drive-By Shooting

New pictures of AWEsome houses! The other day I took Makis to daycare and had a whole 6 hours to walk around Samos Town, so I went shopping and shot some houses. This post should really be called "walk-by shooting" but whatever! Here goes....
The first house I came across on my walk. LOVE the colors, but wouldn't have the guts to this myself!
What a shame, this house is ready to fall down!
Love the balcony...
The stone work is to die for, and I love the color red!
Found this house at the end of a road, this house has an amazing view...but deserted.
"Snake" road? um, no thank you!!
It was a beautiful day, this was the view!
My feta cheese pie was so good I took a picture of it! (hey, I had 6 hours to kill, I was bored!)
One of these days I'll make it to "Ano Vathi" I'd love to get lost in these narrow streets where the houses were built away from the harbor to protect the people from pirates. Hundreds of old house here.  Stay tuned!

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