Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hand-Made Craft Fair

I've been busy these past few weeks getting ready for a craft fair here in Samos. I've been making dresses, greeting cards, necklaces, etc. Here's a few pics of what i've been working on....
from this.....
to this!
Re-fashioned Abercrombie skirts I've added vintage trim and flowers to
Loopy skirts for toddlers from 2T-4T
Little girl dresses for 12months to 5T
Greeting cards made on my sewing machine
Bead Necklaces
So I just found out the bazaar might not happen after all, so I will probably list most of these items in my Etsy shop. I'm crossing my fingers it goes on after all, there are so many talented ladies in Samos..stay tuned!!!

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