Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leftover Fabrics+Baby Formula Cans=Misc. Holder - Tutorial

I have a ton of leftover fabrics. I have a ton of baby food formula cans. I LOVE Mod Podge. 'Nuff said! Here is my tutorial on pencil/pens/markers/scissors/etc. holders!
The finished project!

Gather cans, paint (I used leftover house paint) brushes, Mod Podge, and fabrics

Paint cans a white color. This is so the lettering on the cans doesn't show through your fabrics.

Measure your cans and make a template. Mine measure 12"X4" Using a template saves so much time when cutting the fabrics to size.

Trace template onto fabrics.

Start brushing the Mod Podge onto the cans. You want to use a lot of it.

Place fabric onto the glued can and saturate the fabric with the Mod Podge. It will dry clear later, don't worry!

Let the cans dry upright. These cans are dry, I'm just showing you the pretty colors! :)
Add whatever you like to your cans!
 Thank you for making these pretty pencil/pens/scissors/etc. holders with me!


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