Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Samos Wine Museum

The Samos Wine Museum was inaugurated in the summer of 2005 in Malagari and is considered a success. The space housing the museum was initially a privately-owned winery and, later, the Union’s cellar/warehouse and cooperage. The building itself is a “living” exhibit, with huge wooden casks from the early 20th century still in mint condition, although not in actual use.

Traditional wine making, its tools, its vats and tubs and its chemistry equipment, even the art of fashioning a barrel come to life through exhibits that spin visitors back into remote fragments of centennial time.

Documents, prizes and awards, bottles of wine, photographs, desk mementos and objects all contribute to complete the historic puzzle. An ingenious simulation depicting the cultivation of grape vines on their steep terraced perches (as it is customary on the island) from the moment they take root to the moment they are tenderly picked excites the imagination of visitors who may then wish to visit the two cellars, one reserved for barrels, the other for bottles of wine. (quoted from

From the street, this is the museum. Up until 2 weeks ago, it didn't have a sign clearly saying "hey, here is the museum!" so....
My dad made them one! And they actually use it!
What an impressive entry way!
Under these huge barrels are these tunnels
...that go all the way under!
Just to show how big they are!
And THIS is where we lost Maria's  pacifier! I wish those things had tracking devices!
The walls are filled with old pictures of farmers, awards, and members on the board of the ΕΟΣΣ group dating back to '34
Old barrel measuring tools
The barrel room, and one of the two staircases I encountered with the stroller!
A wine filter machine from 1938
Vintage bottles of  Samos wine. How cool would it be to bring back those old labels?!
Old chemistry sets and more vintage bottles
Old farmer's tools to protect the crops from parasites
Just a heads up, this museum is not so stroller-friendly!
The best part? You can taste the wines for free because it's included in the admission price of...2 EUROS!
Here is my dad making the sign!

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