Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Show and Tell

Today I want to share with you a blanket I knit and finished about 4 years ago when Makis was still only 2 months old. This was a THREE (!!!) year long project for me...not that I'm a slow knitter, but just that I got kinda lazy! Every tiny square you see took me at the very least 1 hour to knit, so imagine how many hours I sat and knitted!...I then sewed by hand the blocks together, and then put the "X" design in for a little bit more design. Finally, I sewed the whole thing onto an airplane blanket I had (Of course I asked the stewardess if I could keep the blanket from the plane because I had a very long layover one time in London, thank you BA!) The whole blanket measures 48" X 76" It is kinda heavy, ohh so warm, and probably NOT a project I would like to do anytime soon again!
Thank you to my photographer Makis!

Would look better on a twin bed or on a crib.

...or draped on a couch!
So there you have it. It may have taken three years to finish, but what's that saying?...better late than never!

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