Monday, November 12, 2012

Village Walkthrough- Vourliotes

One of the more popular villages on Samos is the village of Vourliotes. This village, which has around 500 occupants year round, sits about 300 meters above sea level. It's one of the first villages to be built on Samos around the 17th century. The first inhibitants came from a place called "Vourla" in Asia Minor. There are tons of interesting houses and tavernas, and most of the locals survive on agriculture.
The drive up to Vourliotes
I thought this was so pretty!

The beautiful view from the road
This used to be the old police station. I love the view, and that it is fenced in!

Walking towards the plateia...

We came upon this gem. I love the balcony with it's cascading flowers and there is a balcony in the back, too!

The view from one of the parking lots

Makis is saying "this way mama!"

Impressive! I'd love to see what's inside!

I love the balcony of course....and also that it's half brick on the upstairs!

What a pretty sign!

One of the kafenions. Looks like the old men are busy!

I love the painting done on this, but there is a balcony missing!

One of the alleyways

A very old house for sale. There were many for sale on this road.

I love these kinds of doors!

We had a drink in the plateia but Makis was getting restless!

A double entry to two different residences!

It was getting late and we had to leave, so this was my last photo..behind that wall is literally nothing left, it's all fallen in.

So there you have it...Vourliotes Village, in my opinion the second most popular village on all of Samos. Next stop....Manolates!

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