Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you out there A Happy New Year! ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ! ΚΑΛΗ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ!  Here are a few memes I've made for my Growing Up Greek American page on Facebook. Enjoy!

Not just crazy, but Craaaaazy mad!

                          Because "kokoretsi" is a soup with lamb liver, and a "kokora" is a rooster!

                                     Aww yia yia, the rinsing out and reusing of plastic bags!

                                                                     Love that movie!

                               From "The Wog Boy" don't get jiggy with it, get tzatziki with it!

                         Because Greece was the only destination option we had for a vacay.
                         Why would anyone want to travel anywhere else? Thanks Angela D!

Not just your doctor you have to bribe, but could also be your lawyer, from "The Kings of Mykonos"

                                                         I like mine "Μετριο με γαλα"

                                                     Thanks mana for the reassurance!

                                               Or have even milked a goat at the age of six.

                                                                    I always do this!

                                            Credit goes to my American dad for this one.

                                       Because you have been clubbing since you were 12.

                                               This has happened to me. Very awkward!

Some of my earlier memes don't have my signature on them, but after people started posting them without giving credit, I had to start labeling them. So look out for the "SeaSamAmb" name in the bottom right hand corner. That's all me, baby!

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