Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Village Walk through- Lekka

Back in December on my birthday it just so happened that Vasili had a soccer game that same day in Karlovasi, so I came up with the brilliant idea of tackling these 3 villages in one day. Kosmadei, Kastania, and Lekka (or "Leka", same thing). I got a bonus driving to Kosmadei, there is also a little village on the way there called Nikoloudes. I'm saving that gem for another walk through post.
A little bit of information on Lekka....
The village is located 4 km southwest of Karlovasi. The name derives from its first inhabitant, an Albanian named Lekka who came to Samos to escape from the persecution of the Turks sometime probably around 1715. The village has an excellent view to the northeast, and you can see the valley and city of Karlovasi. I've never been here before, nor have I been to the other 3 villages I visited that birthday day. I feel like I'm not doing these villages justice because I usually visit them during siesta time when everyone is home and sleeping, and the weather is very dreary in the winter time.

I took this picture AFTER I was done visiting the village. Look at those threatening clouds!

 From the drive up to Lekka,  this is the view of Karlovasi and Vasili's game where he is the referee.

Yes, that is him! I'm surprised my little camera zooms so well!

The road leading up to Lekka.

 This dear lady told me a little about the village and that there are only about 300 occupants now in Lekka.

Apparently they are to keep the birds away.

                                 Tons of houses like these! They are HUGE up close! I love them!

                                                            The entryway with steep stairs.

       Across the way I looked through the window of a deserted house and found this. Love that cabinet!

        Came upon this corner house that is being renovated and like the snoop I am, asked the workers if I
                                                                   could look inside!

                  This is the basement, I love all the stonework and that they are keeping everything original.

                                                                 A well in the basement!

                                          A little further down the path I came upon these guys!

                                                          A fountain area close to the plateia.

                              Coming up on the plateia is the post office, a few tavernas and cafenios

                     Lovely plateia with a gorgeous view of Karlovasi. I bet it is beautiful in the summer!

                                                                      Another fountain.

                                                       Wow! This is two residences in one.

Came this far and then turned back, it was getting late and it was getting cold!

     From the parking lot of Lekka, I spotted this house (maybe an old restaurant?) across the way.

                                                                   And this corner house!

 After this amazing day of village exploring, I had a birthday dinner date with Vasili at the Mexican restaurant.

                      So there you go! A little taste of Lekka. Check out my other village walk throughs of....Konteika ..Manolates .... Paleokastro .... Stavrinides ...and .. Vourliotes. more to come so stay tuned!

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